The Connecticut Orthopaedic Society represents over 200 orthopaedic surgeons in Connecticut - and their patients. The primary activities of this organization are designed to promote better public knowledge of orthopaedic medicine, to assure professional development of orthopaedic physicians for the benefit of the general public, and to foster contribution of medical expertise and information regarding orthopaedic medicine for the public good. It is organized to serve as the professional society of orthopaedic physicians in order to provide profession advice to public health.

We are here to serve the orthopaedic surgeons of Connecticut and their patients - please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have.

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the Society is to promote, encourage, foster, and advance the art and science of orthopaedic surgery in the state of Connecticut and matters related thereto; to establish a forum for the discussion and teaching of orthopaedic methods and principles among its members; to participate in the development of laws and regulations affecting the practice of orthopaedic surgery and the delivery of quality medical care in the best interests of the patient community; and to inform the public as to the nature of orthopaedic medicine and its positive effect on their lives.