Political, social and economic changes are having a dramatic effect on the practice of orthopedics locally and nationally. Legislation affects many of the everyday decision of orthopedists around the country.

AAOS is the only political action committee in Washington, D.C., representing the interests of the orthopaedic community before Congress. The Orthopaedic PAC supports candidates for Federal office who share the philosophy of AAOS and who are willing to listen to the concerns of orthopaedic surgeons. The PAC is nonpartisan, giving to both Democrats and Republicans who share similar views. By participating in the PAC, orthopaedic surgeons have an opportunity to help shape legislation that affects their practice and their patients. To join the AAOS PAC “Orthopaedic PAC”, log onto the website at aaos.org/pac.

Log onto the AAOS web at www.aaos.org to get the complete Washington report.